Giving Speaks Poll–Sharing the Offering Plate

More and more congregations are sharing all or a portion of their cash or non-pledge offering received, weekly or monthly.   The offering is then given by the congregation to a cause or organization with a mission that aligns with their faith principles and values.  Many congregation leaders report that giving overall has increased, with thousands of dollars contributed to do good works in the wider community.

I have created a short poll for you to indicate your congregation’s decisions and practices around sharing offering plate contributions.  I invite you to go respond to the poll question using the online poll below.

The responses will be visible in a graph and I will share what I learn in a future blog post.   In the meantime, I am interested in any stories of how sharing in this way enhances the culture of generosity in a congregation

There is still time to respond to the “sharing the offering plate” poll on the Giving Speaks blog, if you haven’t already.  There are many congregation leaders interested in what the overall giving trends were in your congregations before, during and after the economic recession.  Did overall congregational giving go up?  Down?  Stay the same?

Thank you for your interest and participation!

For more information about sharing offering plate contributions, go to:

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