Meet Laurel Amabile

Welcome to the Giving Speaks website!

I am so pleased that you are here.  It has been my sincere desire to engage with others who want to Laurel Amabile portrait 2explore the ways giving, generosity and stewardship add depth and meaning to life, while making a significant difference in the world.

My belief is that generosity is a way of being, an approach to life.  It is a quality that springs from a profound understanding of sufficiency: Life provides enough for us to share.

Generosity is developmental in nature, and the learning happens in stages, beginning at birth and continuing throughout our lifetime.

Giving is an outward expression of one’s generosity.  It is relational and dynamic.  We learn the value of giving first by our experiences of  receiving.  It is through our giving and receiving–our attention, our love, our gifts, our time, our energy–that our relationships flourish and communities are sustained.

Stewardship is a responsibility and a privilege.  It involves the care and tending of the resources that come into our sphere of influence.  Stewardship may be as global as the careful use of natural resources, or as focused as the management of an organization’s finances.  Stewardship practices are learned through experience and by observing the behaviors of stewardship leaders.

I consider this work a calling, one that follows a pathway of service and commitment to the common good.  I look forward to walking with you on the journey and sharing what I learn along the way through the Giving Speaks website.

Laurel Amabile, CFRE, Giving Speaks 

Email:  |   Phone: (207) 239-7162

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