Congregational Stewardship Self-Assessment

Congregational Stewardship Self-Assessment

Rank on continuum from 1-3:     1=excellent — 2=pretty good — 3=needs attention

___     Our mission and acts of generosity are clearly connected to our Unitarian Universalist identity and principles.

___     Our wider community knows what we stand for and what we support because of our visibility. (Examples of community visibility are photos, letters, thank you notes, stories in local or UUA media, posted on website and bulletin boards).

___     There are opportunities for all ages to make an offering during worship services.

___     We have a shared offering program through which the congregation can support other worthy community programs, social justice causes, and UU organizations.

___     We offer a planned giving program with clear options and policies for receiving bequests, restricted gifts, or endowed funds.

___     Acts of generosity by individuals and groups are recognized and honored in the congregation, to a similar degree as volunteer time commitments.

___    Our congregation’s building and facilities include points of entry, sanctuary, classroom spaces, offices, outdoor spaces are carefully tended, well maintained and visually appealing and inviting to visitors.

___    Our congregation is intentional about its hospitality efforts.

___    We are welcoming to people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.

___     Our annual budget reflects our congregation’s mission and Unitarian Universalist values.

___     Pledges and congregants’ contributions comprise at least 70% of our budgeted operating income.

___     Our annual budget includes financial support of district and wider Unitarian Universalist Association at the requested levels.

___     Our congregation is committed to fair compensation for our professional staff and employees.

___     Children, Youth and Young Adults are included in our congregation’s giving and stewardship activities.

___     Our congregation practices stewardship as a year-round activity.

___     Our annual financial needs and giving expectations are clearly conveyed to new members, and stewardship information is shared with prospective members.

Assessment Follow Up:  Prioritize all ranked 2’s and 3’s and determine action steps to improve stewardship in those areas.

~Rev. 8.2015, LBA

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