Giving Tuesday 2014: A Suggested Communication Strategy


Overview:  Giving Tuesday is December 2, 2014. It began a couple of years ago as an alternative response to the massive consumeristic culture around the holiday season: Black Friday, Thanksgiving weekend shopping frenzy, and Cyber Monday.

Giving Tuesday has grown to be global movement, continuing to grow in the US with the creation of initiatives that encourage giving in communities. Much of the momentum and success of Giving Tuesday comes from the extensive use of social media promotion and online giving tools. There are many tools, ideas, and webinar supports freely available at: and the official use of #GivingTuesday adds visibility for the movement, the value of giving and generosity, and the organization.

The communication strategy is to send messages out via social media, email and website 2 or 3 times a week for two weeks or so, daily in the week leading up to Giving Tuesday, then several times on that Tuesday. Experience has shown that sending the communications out early morning or around 10:00 AM (break time). Tuesdays and Fridays communications catch the most notice.

Step 1—Go to and register your organization online,       with primary contact information.  This gives you access to the #GivingTuesday resources.

Step 2–Draft messages with a mix of themes (suggested below), add visuals, logos and graphics for visual interest, and your website URL (to home page or donation page) in every communication. Emphasis in on your org’s unique mission, impact, and donor interests.

Step 3–Engage your org leaders, donors/volunteer supporters, and constituents in promoting #GivingTuesday and your org’s funding efforts via their social networks.  Invite them to share, like and retweet your #GivingTuesday messages.

Communication Cycle

 #1   Post announcement that your org is joining the #GivingTuesday global movement to help boost your annual fundraising efforts, along with any funding priority highlights.

 #2   Thank you to org supporters and volunteers.

 #3   Feature a successful program funded by annual or operating budget.

 #4   Feature a volunteer with photo, accomplishments/activities that make a difference.

 #5   Feature core value of the org and ways it is expressed or demonstrated.

 #6   Testimonial by someone who has benefited from your org’s programs/services.

 #7   Thank you for contributions – invitation to make online gifts, with suggested amount or matching dollars opportunity (do you have donors who can make a matching challenge?)

 #8   Program focus #2–possibly one funded by grants or special funding effort. Recognize funding org/donors.

 #9   Message from Board leader (preferably a video clip) expressing thanks for contributions to annual fund and encouraging continued generous support.

#10  Focus on recent activity/event or invite to an upcoming event/activity of general interest to donors. Add photos and colorful descriptions about what’s happening.

#11  Volunteer feature #2

#12  Planned giving focus–leave a legacy gift to your org for future generations to enjoy and sustain flourishing org. Link to UUA Umbrella Giving Program for gift planning resources

#13   Feature one of your org’s Legacy donors–with photo and quote/story about the donor’s reasons for supporting your org.

#14  Message from CEO/Staff leader (preferably a video clip) describing exciting opportunities ahead for org, funded by annual or major gift contributions, encouraging continued generous support, and thanking supporters.

#15  Program focus #3–possibly one funded by major gifts or special campaign. Recognize Stewardship/Campaign Committee and/or donors.

#16  Feature ways org is fulfilling its mission/vision and making a difference in the wider community. Use photos, quotes, stories or descriptions.

#17  Core value of the org focus #2 and ways it is expressed or demonstrated.

#18  Volunteer feature #3

#19  Thank you message, updates on #GivingTuesday and/or annual fundraising efforts, reminder invitation to go to org website and donate.

#20  Testimonial feature #2–by someone who has benefited from your org, or donated/volunteered and made a difference through their involvement.

#21  Program focus #4–feature an initiative or special campaign for which new funding is needed.

#22  Mission/vision fulfillment focus #2– your org making a difference in the wider community. Use photos, quotes, stories or descriptions.

#24  Days after message by CEO/Board leader (preferably a video clip) thanking supporters and updating followers on the success of #GivingTuesday (locally and globally, as info becomes available).

Good luck! May your #GivingTuesday promotion efforts be fruitful and enjoyable!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Need fundraising advice or assistance? contact Laurel Amabile, Giving Speaks Consulting,  Website:

Facebook:  Laurel Amabile   Twitter:  Giving Speaks

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