Women, Giving and Religious Affiliation


A new study by Women’s Philanthropy Institute has found that young, single women without ties to religion are giving more to charitable organizations than their peers with religious affiliations. And, these Millennial and Gen X women are giving two-and-a-half times more than single women in the Baby Boomer and older generations.

This represents a marked change in the historical trend in giving that has been the basis of our assumptions up to now. While there is a clear correlation between religious affiliation and giving…

Religious affiliation is no longer the basis for charitable giving decisions–particularly among young, single women.

Giving data show that young, single and religiously unaffiliated women give twice as much to secular organizations than to faith-based organizations. Clearly younger women’s giving choices are influenced by factors worth exploring and understanding.

So, how might religious and faith-based organizations respond to this trend?hand-holds-flower-spill-many-flowers-and-butterfly_fydbgcr_

  • Learn about the interests and needs of Gen X and Millennial women to structure worship experiences and programs that appeal to them.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for community service and volunteer engagement that connect with mission and values.
  • Seek input and ideas from young women–learn what matters most to them in life and community.
  • Encourage social interaction with peers and across generations–nurture relationships.
  • Affirm the leadership and generosity of the young adults who are making a difference in your organization.


Let your Giving Speak, this day and every day~

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